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Canadian Made Hot Dog Buns

Ontario made, Ontario made products, made in Ontario, products made in Ontario, manufactured in Ontario, Ontario manufactured, products manufactured in OntarioSilver Hills Bakery

Kitchener, ON

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Everything we put in at Silver Hills Bakery, you get out. All of our 100% plant-based products are made with nutrient-rich, high-fibre whole grains sprouted in clean, cold Canadian water. Each ingredient is guaranteed non-GMO, the way food is meant to be.

We opened Silver Hills Bakery in 1989 with a mission to empower people by providing healthy choices. We believe investing in your own health is the greatest gift you can give someone because when you’re healthy, you’ll have more to share. By caring for one another and the planet, we create a truly healthy world. Making foods with care and purpose from sprouted grains and a simple list of ingredients, we aim to see to it that the nutrient-dense power of sprouted foods is shared in as many places as possible.


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new Brunswick made, new Brunswick made products, made in new Brunswick, products made in new Brunswick, manufactured in new Brunswick, new Brunswick manufactured, products manufactured in new BrunswickLesters Farm Market

St. John’s, NB

hot dog buns canadian, canada hot dog buns, hot dog buns canada, Canadian made hot dog buns, hot dog buns made in Canada, hot dog buns

For more than 160 years, the Lester’s have been farming at Lesters Farm Market on Brookfield Road. Initially, we started growing produce for wholesalers. Then, with the addition of a modest roadside vegetable stand, we started selling our produce directly to our customers. We’ve continued to change and evolve over the years and now have a farm market which sells our homegrown fruits and veggies, a nursery with a variety of annuals and perennials, a bakery which creates the most delicious bread and baked goods as well as a petting barn which houses some of our favourite furry and feathery friends. This year, we’re adding a food truck to the mix which will be creating variety of tasty meals using our fresh veggies, fruits and herbs grown here on the farm.

At Lester’s Farm Market, we grow many things – including traditions. Our farm is where you and your family get your pumpkin in the fall, the place your children beg you to go every Sunday, it’s where you go to get your yearly strawberries and the place where getting lost in a maze is fun. It’s where you had your first tractor ride and the place where you go to get your pictures every fall, it’s where you go for your flowers, veggies and more.


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