Iron Spike brings you Beer Pong, Beersbee, and Flip Cup all together in one unique package with added convenience!

Our all metal game “spikes” into the ground using an attached slide hammer. It features a platform on top to hold a bottle for Beersbee, a metal attachment for Cups to play Beer Pong, and a ledge for playing Flip Cup or to hold your drink and phone while you play.

Our family owned business proudly  manufactures our products by hand in Rainier, Alberta, Canada.

Iron Spike

Owned In: Alberta


Last Updated July 29, 2021

Made In Rainier, AB:

  • Bean Bag Toss & Set
  • Disk Toss & Set
  • Dunk-A-Drink & Set
  • Horse Shoes & Set
  • Iron Spike Bundle & with Stands
  • Lawn Coaster & Set
  • Iron Spike Stand & Set
  • The V Bracket & Set

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