As farmers we know the importance of the food we grow, as we are Foodland Ontario Certified! At 1847 Stone Milling we are proud to be able to help feed our community and our country with our crops. We have a special connection to our farm and we would love to share our farms story with you.

After our parents purchased the farm in 2009 from a family friend we asked him the history of the farm. Dr. and Mrs. Longfield had paper work dating back to the very first people who worked the land. Those people were the Flewellings who passed the farm down to a daughter who married a Warmington, who sold it to The Bailey’s, who sold it to The Longfield’s who sold it to our family.

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  • Organic Flour
  • Organic Grain Berries
  • Mockmills
  • Sourdough Culture
  • reLit Pet Litter
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