AromaHealth is a small business with a big heart. We want you to enjoy using our exceptional quality products knowing something about how we operate! Our small-batch process of carefully hand measuring ingredients, stirring mixtures and monitoring temperatures allows us a unique opportunity for quality assurance.

For over twenty years Aroma Health has been formulating plant based personal care natural health products free from unnecessary harsh additives. Today we have hundreds of families worldwide that enjoy our products daily. Buying directly from local suppliers means we can purchase smaller quantities more often a receive products at the peak of freshness to ensure their effectiveness is passed directly onto your skin. In this way, freshness lives within our products!

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Edmonton, AB:

  • Aching Muscles Cream
  • Aching Muscles Mist
  • Aloe Vera Skin Gel
  • Argan Oil Organic
  • Dead Sea Bath Salts
  • Bath & Body Shower Gel
  • Carrier Oils
  • Deodorant Naturally
  • Essential Oil Synergy Blends
  • Face & Body Butters
  • Face & Body Creams
  • Hands & Body Lotions
  • Face Masque Botanical
  • Face Mask Clay/Mud
  • Face Wash Naturally
  • Facial Eye Serum
  • Facial Serum
  • Facial Exfoliating Scrubs
  • Facial Toners
  • Floral Waters
  • Foot Repair Butter
  • Healing Topical Gel
  • Insect Repellent
  • Massage Gel
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Sleep Time Balm
  • Soap Bars Hand Crafted
  • Soap Bar African Black
  • Sun Screen SPF 30
  • Tea Selection Fair Trade
  • Toothpaste

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