Anne-Marie and Catherine are the inseparable friends who founded the brand atelier b in 2009. Their durable and minimalist clothing collections are softly made in Montreal from natural fiber textiles. From a studio in their apartment while they were still students to their workshop-boutique Mile End, the project grew with them. The key values ​​of slow design remained central during each of the decisions made by the two friends.

These are refined, original and authentic collections where the products respect the traditions of textile and clothing. It is a quiet force that moves slowly, slowly but surely, while keeping the sense of play and celebration.

Local production is at the heart of workshop b: our products will always be made in the region where our workshop is located! Currently, products that are not made in the workshop are not within 10 kilometers. We can control the conditions in which employees work and we are proud to help stimulate the local economy by creating jobs by awarding contracts to small independent workshops.

Owned In: Quebec

Made In Montreal, QC:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Baby Clothing
  • Boys Clothing
  • Girls Clothing

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Last Updated November 25, 2023

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