In 1981, Peggy Byron opened Boutique Au Lit Fine Linens in Montreal, one of the first bed linen shops in Canada to offer pure cotton sheets instead of treated polyester. The store was an instant success, with people lining up outside the 700-square-foot store. Soon Byron expanded the business to include a factory where she manufactured her own collection of linens.

Designed and Made in Canada By People Who Truly Care. Once our mills weave the natural fabrics, our sewers in Canada carefully finish and package the products before they arrive in our stores. With manufacturing based in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, our carbon emissions from transportation are significantly lower than if we outsourced our labour.

When it comes to our down products, the finished pieces are made in Canada with Downmark Association approved down. Down is a natural, renewable, and reusable material, which can last a lifetime with proper care. The Downmark Association is committed to sustainable initiatives and the ethical treatment of birds and humane harvesting practices. The down is obtained as a by-product of the poultry industry and does not involve live-plucking. Down products have the smallest carbon footprint of all insulating materials, as the raw materials are renewable and compostable and the by-products are biodegradable. Learn more about the Downmark Association here and see how we make our pillows and duvets here.

Most of the bedding is made in dedicated factories in Montreal and Toronto. They will be clearly marked.

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