Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made of fermented vegetables. There are hundreds of kinds of kimchi in the Korean Peninsula, but the most well known type of kimchi is Napa cabbage kimchi (or baechu kimchi).

Like many other fermented foods across the globe such as wine, sauerkraut, and yogurt, kimchi is the result of a special type of fermentation. The bacteria that is responsible for this type of fermentation is available everywhere – vegetable skins, in the air, on your hands – you name it. It is also found in mammal’s milk, which means that it’s with us from our very first meal! It’s abundance across the entire globe explains why fermented foods are used in so many different cultures.

This bacteria is called Lactic Acid Bacteria, giving this type of fermentation the name Lacto-fermentation. Through the fermentation process, new flavour profiles are created as the bacteria break down large flavour compounds, refining the flavour molecules perceived by our taste buds.

Baechu Kimchi is proudly made in Canada with 100% natural ingredients.

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