Founded by an out of work restaurant couple in May 2020 during COVID-19, Benny’s Bread and Butter was established through a shared obsession of incredible fresh bread. Benjamin comes from Toronto as a Sous Chef with a lifetime of passion for food and a newfound love of baking. Amber has a love for culture, food, nutrition, and of course people. Most importantly both Ben and Amber share a love of food and dining throughout all the corners of the world.

Bringing both front and back of house experience together they had just the right knowledge and passion to create something special. Benjamin and Amber decided on a constructive use of their quarantine time, and made artisan bread for their friends, family, and neighbours. People liked the bread…really liked the bread, and local interest peaked.

Owned In: Alberta

Benny’s Bread And Butter Products:

  • Baking Kits
  • Cookie Decorating Kits
  • Cake Decorating Kits
  • Gluten-Free Friendly
  • Gift Certificates

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