Blender Bites was born one morning as our founder finally got tired of all the time it took to make her daily smoothie. She would be running out the door in the morning with an empty stomach because it was too daunting of a task to prepare. “There has to be a better way” she thought to herself, which is when the idea came to mind for an “all in one” superfood puck.

Blender Bites contains organic fruits, Canadian grown organic kale and a blend of 7 various organic greens powders. Everything that she would add before one at a time now took 2 seconds to prepare as all she had to do was reach into the freezer and pop a puck into the blender.

Blender bites are meant to be added to your favorite liquid such as a milk alternative, juice or even water along with a base such as a banana, yogurt or a plant based protein powder.

Owned In:British Columbia

Made In Vancouver, BC:

  • Greens & Berries
  • Greens & Tropicals

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