Being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2010 led to many changes. For the first few years, I avoided all breads, baking, and pastas. The few times I’d purchase some gluten free breads or baking, I was very disappointed. It usually tasted like saw dust, or had a crumbly texture that was not at all appealing.

After many years of frustration at what was available commercially, and being fed up with reading all the long lists of chemical ingredients/additives on the ingredient lists of gluten free items, I decided to learn how to bake again. Through the years of trial and error, I have finally found some recipes that are hard to tell that they are gluten free when you taste them. This page contains the easiest mixes I have made, that turn out wonderfully almost every time. I have boxed up some of my most fool-proof mixes and am making them available for consumers who need gluten or other allergen free foods, and miss the wonderful home-made freshness and the taste that comes with home baking. These mixed are easy to make – no tricky procedures or specialized equipment needed.

All mixes on this site are gluten free and made in Saskatchewan.

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