Bo & Marrow – It’s pretty simple: Bone broth is an aromatic broth simmered with beef or poultry bones and vegetables. And no, it isn’t exactly the same thing as stock. The difference between a broth and a stock lies mainly the amount of time it’s simmered. The longer the liquid cooks, the more nutrients and minerals leach from the bones. Broths are made by simmering the bones and some meat (typically that’s already been roasted) of an animal or fish for a long time, often more than 24 hours, versus a stock which can finish cooking in about 3 hours.

Bone broth offers a laundry list of body-boosting benefits: For one, it’s a great source of protein (about 6 grams per cup) and minerals like calcium, phosphorous (good for bones and teeth), and potassium, which helps move nutrients into cells and waste out of cells. That’s not all.

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  • Classic Chicken Broths
  • Classic Beef Broths
  • Beef Tallow (Cooking Oil)
  • Vegan Broths
  • Pet Broth
  • Thai Coconut Curry Soup
  • Golden Cauliflower Soup

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