Boiling Oar Brewing Company launched as a small batch, craft brewery in Calgary, Alberta. We launched in March 2016 with the intentions of producing approachable and flavourful beer. Our ideology is to craft brews that everyone can appreciate, and not just the “craft beer drinker”. We are a small, locally owned company whose objective is to consistently make the best beer we possibly can while making an impact in our community.

Calgary is known to have some of cleanest water in the world, in addition to our media filtration, it is the ideal water chemistry for brewing. Since we are located in the heart of barley country, our beer is crafted with the highest quality malt. We are also just north east of the Yakima valley, a region known to have some of the most unique and sought after hop varieties in the world.

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Calgary, AB:

  • Kolsch
  • Radler
  • Seasonals

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January 1, 2024

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