At Bristow Iron Works we are a Canadian company located near Bracebridge Ontario that specializes in keeping the age old art of cast iron alive and well. We take great pride in providing only the best quality castings found today made here in Canada. If you’ve never cooked in a cast iron container we recommend that you try. It is the original non-stick pan when properly used and seasoned. It has never been duplicated with synthetics and the taste just can’t be beat. It’s serviceable lifetime will commonly exceed several generations becoming a valuable, family heirloom.

We are constantly searching for molds and samples that have either been abandoned or gone out of use. With these we make molds and resurrect the product in order to be able to offer them to you.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Utterson, ON:

  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Kettles/Cauldrons
  • Accessories

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