My journey with Broad River Forge started in 1998 when I attended the Canadian School of Horshoeing . Class time was spent working with horses and forging in the shop. So began my passion for blacksmithing. I honed my craft while in an industrial forging setting, working my way from an entry level machine operator up to Management and Technical. I had the opportunity to go to Japan twice to learn new technical forging skills. My personal interest lies in forging tools for industry and craftsmen of all types that will last generations.

I offer fabrication solutions for the home blacksmith and industrial applications. It is a family run business, I have trained my daughter and son to help with the forging. When my children were little they used to come out to the shop and watch me work for hours with a sense of wonderment and marvel at how I would transform a lump of steel into something useful. Now that they have grown up I get to enjoy watching them as they work with me in the forge. Our focus is to produce the best product possible using the best materials, the best process and providing the best service possible to our clients.

Broad River Forge
Owned In: Ontario

Made In Neustadt, ON:

  • Dinner Triangles
  • Herb Choppers
  • Fire Steel Strikers
  • Swage Blocks
  • Plasma Cut Bolt Jaw Tongs
  • Fur Traders Axe
  • Fire Steel Striker
  • Blacksmith Lessons & Workshops

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