Dream, believe, achieve. The foundation of our family’s journey from City folk to Country folk. Broken Stone Winery began as a crazy idea. It answered the question, how can we live in the Country and be independently employed? How can we express our uniqueness in the world, and live a life in the fresh air, and yet be connected with people? How can we make something from nothing that brings people together?

The answer was — wine. Wine is the great social connector, a natural product that takes a stable civilization and incredible dedication to produce well.Twelve years ago when we had the idea, we were drawn to Prince Edward County like moths to a flame. Here was the beginning of an idea — a high quality wine region in a charming rural backwoods island in Lake Ontario. Vineyards nestled amongst tiny villages, old farms bordering on glistening sand beaches, surround by the azure waters of the mighty Lake Ontario. We would build something from nothing in this bucolic environment.At the time, twenty pioneering winemakers had already blazed a trail. We decided to follow, purchased some empty land, and in the year 2010 we planted five acres of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

For the next ten years we raised our three children, laboured at day jobs in the core of the City and worked weekends and holidays nurturing our tiny entrepreneurial spark in the Country. We struggled through tough farming years, and worked hard. We built a small blue building and there we made wine, wine and more wine. By 2020 nearly 50 wineries had opened their doors in Prince Edward County. Our little business had grown and was on the cusp of success. We decided to take the leap and move to the County. And so the story of how we followed our crazy dream began.

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Made In Hillier, ON:

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  • Pinot
  • Chardonnay

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