In 2015, I started putting together the pieces of Broya – and choosing a supplier was my first big step. I knew I wanted to make an impact in thousands of lives, so I reached out to a few streamline suppliers who I thought could help me reach that goal. But the more I dug into the meat industry, the more I learned how disgusting industrial farms were and how detrimental choosing one would be for my customers and the earth.

Get the Benefits of Bone Broth – Bone broth soup can help support your immune system, maintain a healthy gut, support your skin’s youthfulness and help keep your joints healthy. Packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and collagen proteins, Broya Bone Broth helps you get the nutrients your body needs for a healthy lifestyle.

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Made In Toronto, ON:

  • Chicken Broth
  • Beef Broth
  • Variety Packs

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