We consider ourselves stewards of the land, as grassland restoration is a major component of our farming. We work hand in hand with Mother Nature in growing native grasses on which our bison thrive. By diversifying our nutrition-based habits, we can contribute to the natural growth process beneficial to our animals. We hold the key to a more natural and sustainable growth with our BUFF products.

We are proactive at every step of the process in getting our 100% grass-fed bison from gate to plate. We are committed to doing so humanely and efficiently to ensure the best quality high-end products. We are dedicated to achieving what is best for our animals, our lands and our customers. Big Rock Bison is about fulfilling our duty in naturally raising our bison in a low-stress environment. It will be a pleasure for us to answer any question you should have.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Shallow Lake, ON:

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  • Fermented & Cold Smoked Salami

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