Buoy 58: Fibre Arts Studio & Store – For years, I worked side by side with my partner George, fishing lobsters and working mussels. Prior to that, I had my fair share of diverse experiences, from retail to farming to cooking. At one point, I even ran my own business crafting ash splint baskets. Little did I know that my path would take an unexpected turn.

It all started when George gifted me a manual knitting machine, a beginner model. Little did I know that this simple gesture would ignite a deep passion for knitting on a flat bed knitting machine. My first machine wore out quickly, but then something remarkable happened. George promised to buy me a top-quality knitting machine with a ribber and punch card if he caught a Tuna. As fate would have it, he reeled in a massive catch, and I graduated to the next level of knitting.

Owned In: Prince Edward Island

Made In Kensington, PE:

  • Winter hats
  • Crafts

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