Our Caledon Hills Brewing story started on a farm in Caledon in 2016. We still brew on the farm but are now excited to share our Brew Pub with you. In September of 2020 we decided to make the next step and open up our Brew Pub in the small town of Palgrave. We have converted a small 19th century church into a brewery and restaurant. We are excited to share this with everyone. Small batch brewing is done on premise and poured for you to enjoy.

Our brewery is housed in a modest little barn, set back from a pristine stretch of road that folks around here like to shoot car commercials on. You’ve seen the kind. Where a super slick sports model zigs and zags its way down a windy forest road, whipping leaves up in its wake. It’s up for debate whether or not these commercials sell the car. But they do a lovely job of selling the beauty to be found here in Caledon Hills.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Palgrave, ON:

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