At Canola Harvest we believe that the highest quality oil products come from Canadian-grown Canola. We work closely with Canadian farmers, to ensure that we’re sourcing Canola seeds grown using environmental best practices. This not only ensures that crops are responsibly grown and harvested with great respect to the environment, but that the land can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Our roots trace back to 1857. Our parent company, Richardson International Limited, began when James Richardson formed a Canadian grain trading company. Today, we’re proud to be involved in every stage of the creation of your food- from farm to table. It’s our goal to produce the highest quality food products, from our family to yours. Our goal is to support responsible agriculture to feed a growing world with wholesome plant-based food, and we continually invest in our facilities to ensure operational excellence. We do this not only because it’s good business, but because it is who we are.

Owned By: Richardson International Limited of Winnipeg, MB

Made In Winnipeg, MB:

  • Blends
  • Oils
  • Margarines
  • Sprays

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