A family business, founded in the heart of the Cariboo in Central BC. A trade passed down that can not be easily taught. Caribou Knives is a product proudly made in Canada.

Knife maker Ray Lindeboom started crafting hunting knives as a hobby. As peoples attention grew, the hobby turned into a full time business. Which started as a tool to cut through course moose hair in the dead of fall, now slight variations are used in poultry plants, household kitchens, a woodcarvers toolbox and still out in the backcountry during hunting season. Not just the knives but the machinery that we use is designed and fabricated by us as well. Now the company is succeeded by Rays son Mike who has developed an aspiration in custom knife making and customer satisfaction.

Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Abbotsford, BC:

  • Food Industry Knives
  • Trapping Knives
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Hunting Knives
  • Outdoor Knives
  • Wood Carving Knives

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