Cassis et Mélisse is the joyful encounter between Belgium and Québec… A lovely cheesemaker weds a dashing goat farmer and surrounded by children, they share a deep love of the land. Pledging to live off nature’s bounty, theirs is the story of a sustainable organic goat dairy farm.

Artisan cheesemaker Aagje has been transforming the organic milk collected from her 80 dairy goats every day since 2004. She crafts unique cheeses reflecting her farmstead, and her goats. Of course, she keeps her artisan cheesemaking secrets to herself, and true to her ancestral savoir-faire, her goat’s milk is hand-poured by the ladleful.

Goat farmer Gary, with his sharp and knowing eye, sets his pace to the rhythm of the passing seasons and his happy herd. Lavishing every attention on his goats, he sends them to pasture in summer and feeds them only the best fodder in the winter months. Twice a day at milking time, he spends cherished time with his animals. His careful ministrations earn him a rich, premium goat’s milk – a precious raw material to an artisan cheesemaker.

Cassis et Mélisse’s milk and cheeses are Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada. A choice that shows respect for animals, the environment and cheese-lovers alike.

Made In Canada:

  • Milk
  • Fresh Goat Cheese
  • Ripened Cheeses


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