Cattus Toys is a family owned business based out of the lovely province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Cat + Cactus = Cattus! That’s because our first toy was a cactus we made for our cat Pickles. We made it because we were tired of spending so much money every month on new toys for Pickles, that in our opinion were not cute and even a little bit ugly. So we first made a cactus out of felt, and guess what? She just loved it! So we made a few more for our friends cats and they liked them too. That’s when we decided to start making them for all cats!

The shop has been a great help to our family. Having chronic health issues, Cattus Toys allows Jackie to work at her own pace, be creative and give a meaningful contribution the the family.

Matthew and Momma Noonan come in every week for a few hours to help out. The shop is a true family business, not only are we working together to make cute toys but we are strengthening our family bonds at the same time.

Our Shop now has over 4,000 sales, over 1000 positive reviews and over 4.8k followers. We have new designs coming out every season, a monthly newsletter, with contest and giveaways on the regular!

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Cattus Toys
Owned In: Prince Edward Island

Made In Charlottetown, PEI:

  • Bird Cat Toys
  • Fish Cat Toys
  • Mice Cat Toys
  • Cat Teaser Wand
  • Personalized Cat Toys
  • Fresh Catnip

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Last Updated November 24, 2023

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