Since Ceramic started out in 2005 with a couple of folding knives I have, with the advice an suggestions from my customers been constantly improving the knives offered. I have become involved with not only ceramic folding knives but producing non-magnetic and non-conductive ceramic cutting tools for military and police use. EOD tools!

In the past three years I have been introducing new ceramic tools for marine, electrical and manufacturing applications. This is called paying attention to your customers!

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Waterloo, ON:

  • Folding Knives
  • Retractable Knives
  • Exacto Blades
  • Scissors
  • Industrial
  • Rigging Knives
  • Hunting Knives
  • Ceramic Blades

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265 Shakespeare Dr. Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2L 2T8


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