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Chatty’s Indian Spices

Like all sound entrepreneurs, Arati Chattopadhyay  of Chatty’s Indian Spices started off with a good idea, and followed through with hard work to develop her dreams into a reality.  Arati, known as Chatty to her friends, has turned her wizardry in the family kitchen to a business opportunity using her cooking skills to create a variety of curry spices to liven up dishes prepared by home cooks. “For me, I don’t think of my business as selling stuff. It is my passion. I love my business,” she explains.

Made In Canada:

  • Calcutta Curry Spice
  • Chicken Curry Spice
  • Tandoori BBQ Spice
  • Saskatoon Chutney
  • Apple Chutney
  • Mango Mustard Chutney
  • Curry Paste
  • Butter Sauce
  • Rhubarb Hot Sauce


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