Hi! We are Erin and Andy, the founders of Conjure Apothecary. We are a family business based out of Saskatchewan, offering handcrafted items to help you connect with your inner magic and power.

Erin grew up in Nova Scotia, and spent all of her free time collecting magic rocks on the seashore, hiking in enchanted forests, recharging with the energy of the ocean, camping, and connecting with nature. Her parents instilled in her and her brothers many traditional Celtic beliefs and encouraged them to find their spirituality in nature.

As a musician, Andy finds the power of music deeply healing. Through his music, he connects with his ancestors, and finds his inner balance. He makes meditation a priority in his morning rituals, and is often found sneaking a moment of mindfulness at any hour of the day. His calm, steady presence is the perfect balance to Erin’s fiery personality.

Owned In: Saskatchewan

Made In Regina, SK:

  • 8 Ounce Intention Candles
  • 11 Ounce Intention Candles
  • Spell Jars
  • Enchanted Self Care
  • Ritual Oils & Beeswax Chimes

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