We love farm life at Cormier’s Berry Patch, strawberries, fresh air and working outside. And we love that we can share our farm with you. We’re fortunate to represent the fourth generation of farming in both our families. Be it cattle, market gardening, grain, turkeys or hogs, our roots run deep in agriculture.

We began site preparation in 2004, planted our first strawberry plants in 2005, and have been going strong every since. Thanks to our friends and families who have helped us turn our passion into a successful small business. We are proud to provide you with fresh, delicious fruit.

We have 10 acres of strawberries that are just waiting for you to pick them. We hope to see you out this year, and would like to thank everyone who continues to support local farmers. We invite you take a tour of our farm. Select images below to view enlargements or play slideshow.

Owned In: Manitoba

Produced In La Salle, MB:

  • U-Pick Strawberries

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