We opened our first Crave Cupcakes bakery in Kensington in 2004 with our Grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe and our Mother’s secret to irresistible buttercream icing. We started each morning before sunrise baking as many cupcakes as we could and by the afternoon we would work in the front of the store helping customers. From the very beginning, Crave has been a true labour of love.

The art of baking runs deep in our family. Growing up on our family farm in High River, Alberta we learned from the best. Our grandmothers, aunts and our Mom were amazing bakers. They not only taught us how to bake, they passed along their values of quality, honesty and integrity.

Today Crave has grown to six bakeries and a team of 100 amazing people. Our values continue to live in everything we do though our team, our processes and our baking. We continue to crack every egg, open every pound of butter by hand and only sell fresh baked cupcakes. We believe these processes are essential to the best cakes and cupcakes.

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Calgary, AB:

  • Single Cupcakes
  • Original Dozen
  • Mini Dozen
  • Single GFF

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