At Dragonfly Guitars, I have been a luthier for over fifteen years. Trained as an acoustic guitar-maker I have also built electric instruments, banjos, harps and various other stringed instruments. I also repair both guitar and violin family instruments. I am a professional guitarist performing, touring and recording with my band The Rakish Angles as well as with other projects. All these experiences inform the design and construction of my instruments.

Dragonfly Guitars also has an acoustic guitar-making course covers all aspects of the process from design to construction to finishing. In this eight week course you will design your own flat-top body shape, headstock shape and bridge. Then you will fabricate all the parts from scratch. This is not a kit-building course. Your guitar will incorporate purfling work, wood bindings and inlay. Make your own rosette and choose your woods. When your guitar is assembled you will spray a lacquer finish and buff it out. Build Your Guitar!

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Made In Gibsons, BC:

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  • other stringed instruments

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