For us, it’s not just about the ingredients. It’s about how we bring them together to create truly outstanding cleaning products.

We may share shelves with those who are comfortable being adequate — but that’s where the similarity ends. We’re always pushing ourselves to do more and be more. If we’re not doing things the best that we can, we start over. A purely better cleaning product can’t be made without genuine care — which is why we make our products using pure, plant-based ingredients that are safe for your family and for the environment.

In 1999, Felix created Prism Care because he knew that cleaning products didn’t have to be toxic. Through countless hours of research into plant-based, sustainable raw materials, the Eco-Max brand was born. All that hard work was worth it because now the Eco-Max line has both commercial and personal natural, non-toxic products.

Today, under the Prism Care Corporation, Eco-Max is the only natural cleaning products brand that provides uniquely pure products at a price you can afford.

Eco Max
Owned By: Prism Care Corporation of Mississauga, ON

Made In Mississauga, ON:

  • Spray Cleaners
  • Laundry Wash
  • Dish Wash
  • Concentrates
  • Hand Soap
  • Commercial Products

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