Encircled is proudly 100% sewn in Toronto, Canada. It’s core to who we are as a brand. Manufacturing on-shore has its benefits to the planet, people and our business as well.

There just isn’t another option for us. If we can’t make it here, we won’t create it. All of our sewing studios are all less than 35km from our Toronto office. Together with your support, we’re reviving the apparel industry in North America – bringing back the craft of apparel construction, creating jobs, and lowering the carbon footprint of fashion by producing our clothing here. We’re not your traditional fashion company. We know exactly who made our clothing and visit them regularly and, moreover, we share that information with you. It’s time to end the secrecy that the mass fashion brands covet (hint: there’s usually a reason why), and embrace a culture of transparency in this industry.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Toronto, ON:

  • Women’s Clothing
  • Non-Medical Organic Cotton Masks

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EncircledMore Canadian Made Non-Medical Face Masks

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