For me this store is about sharing my passion, love and design with anyone that is interested. Please come in and look around. Hopefully something catches your eye and inspires you. I do lots of custom jewellery work either variations of the items you see in my shop or unique original requests. I do custom stitching as well, any pattern your heart desires can be done. Timing and costs are on a per project basis.

When I started making Kumihimo bracelets in 2010. For me they were an absolute blessing. Having been plagued with metal allergies my whole life I don’t have any piercings (not even ears) as they are rejected every time. I have trouble with chains and other jewelry that is metal.
Fiber bracelets were a way to make pretty jewelry that I could wear! Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese art that was once used to make Samurai armor. So it’s tough & durable as well as original!

I learned to stitch when I was 12. And it was my first love. At 16 I would stitch late at night in my room (as it wasn’t cool to stitch)! I won a 3rd place ribbon for stitching at a craft fair at 27, joined a local stitching guild and made friends with other avid (albeit older) stitchers. Some of those ladies are the best friends I have today!

We all have a combined passion for creating things and age doesn’t get in the way of loving someone’s work, wanting a new pattern, coaxing each other to try the new fibre, or sharing our lives together. A common passion truly transcends age, race, gender and all those things that make each of us different, which is also what makes Etsy such a unique community!

Made In Canada:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Finished Cross Stitch


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