Field Kit is a balance between art and science. We blend the tangible and intangible, the humble and the luxurious, the permanent and the fleeting. We utilize natural materials and our experiences from the field to build a kit of everyday products that serve a purpose, while helping our customers slow down and enjoy the moment.

Fragrance has always played an important role in the life of Field Kit founder, Jemma. Growing up, she travelled the world, living on four different continents. While a transitory life has its upsides, it also leaves you longing for something to hold on to. For Jemma, this was fragrance. The connection between scent and memories was such that nothing need be forgotten. Those moments that happened half a world away could be revisited in a second. She started Field Kit to fill a need in the market for sustainably-made, uniquely scented candles, and to continue her exploration of fragrance.

We are committed to crafting objects that are timeless, with an emphasis on minimal forms and quality materials. These goods are practical and will gracefully age and patina over time. This is one of the ways in which we practise sustainability. It’s important to us that you’ll keep your Field Kit vessels and give them a second life.

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Made In Calgary, AB:

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