Families who are unable to go to a regular Food Bank in their area, due to issues of an illness or disabilities in the family that create transportation barriers that makes it to difficult to impossible to use public transit because of their mobility problems or because they have other mental or physical disabilities. There is also the problem of affordability to use their own vehicle or public transit because they are poor, low income or needy, also there is the problem of poor or unavailable public transit, and there are families that are working or going to school at the same time a local area Food Banks is distributing their food hampers.

This service that we will provide fills a service gap that is not currently provided to these families, giving them a free home delivered perishable & non perishable food hamper that they would not otherwise be able to receive without this service.

Canadian Service:

To relieve poverty, Food Bank on Wheels Society has identified the need for a free mobile home delivery food bank hamper service that will be free to families who are poor, of low income, and in need in the Metro Vancouver Area consisting of bought food, (perishables such as; milk, margarine, eggs, fresh fruits & vegetable, potatoes, onions, cheese & for our Holiday Hampers at Easter and Christmas we will buy turkeys and/or ham.) & (non perishables foods such as; cereal, canned soups, canned tuna, pasta, spaghetti sauce, noodles, peanut butter to name a few). In addition there will be donated food, clothing, sundry items (From Corporate Businesses. local Businesses & Christian Churches and/or Christian organizations) This service that we will provide currently fills a service gap that is not readily available to these families in the Metro Vancouver area.


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