Former Fibres started as a Christmas gift for my father, who dislikes the commercialized season that Christmas has become. Instead of gifting him something bought, my family does acts of kindness in his name and surprise him with our contributions. I knew that I wanted to use my creativity and make something, but what could it be? I had been very aware of all the environmental impacts that plastic has on our planet, and stopped using single-use plastics in our home.

Every time that I needed to get rid of something I would think of where it goes and how it can be used. So then one day it came to me, I was going through all of my sheets, matching up odds and ends finding a few complete sets that I wanted, but a whole lot of extras we didn’t need in our little home. A light bulb went off in my head, what if I used upcycled fabric to make pet beds! I went straight out and found myself a sewing machine and remembered those sewing skills that I learnt in Girl Guides many years ago.

Everything from the products I create to the packaging that they’re shipped in is made with the environment in mind.

Made In Canada:

  • Small Pet Beds
  • Medium Pet Beds
  • Large Pet Beds
  • Poochie Pouches


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