In 2014, Sarah Beaudoin, Founder and President, launched Gibou after getting praised for the original design she created in an effort to answer her need for a warm yet fashionable hat that could make the freezing Canadian winter days enjoyable. This style went on to become the “Classic” and is still at the core of the company’s offering with different colorways and various recycled fur pompom options. This enterprise also allowed Sarah to further explore her passion for knitting and share it with the Gibou community.

From the very beginning, it was adamant that everything we undertook would have to reflect the company’s values through three essential aspects: local manufacturing, the use of recycled fur exclusively and the upcycling of noble materials.

Owned In: Quebec

Made In Montreal, QC:

  • Hair Bun
  • Headbands
  • Scrunchies
  • Barrettes &Hair clips
  • Hats / caps
  • Tuques
  • Mitts
  • Gift Cards

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