We recognize the desire to buy local and fresh. We also know you want a say in what you drink. Grain Bin Brewing Company is a consumer driven craft brewery. As can be expected, we offer a few flagship beers and rotating, locally inspired seasonals. What isn’t expected are the other services we offer. Whether you are local bar looking to contract your own house style, or a individual wanting to have a limited bottle run of your own beer for an event, we can provide the Peace Region with high quality, locally brewed beer. Or maybe you just have an idea of what we should brew next. Have a say with our DEMOCRACY! series, your vote could decide the next style or experiment we brew.

With our small batch mindset, you can have the freshest beer with the greatest variety.

Owned In: Alberta

Made In Grande Prairie, AB:

  • IPA
  • IIPA
  • Seltzer
  • Calderwine
  • Gift Cards
  • … and more

Grain Bin Brewing Company Availability:

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Last Updated January 8, 2024

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