All of the canoes at H2O Canoe Company are handcrafted in Canada. They are a family owned company that builds with advanced design and construction at affordable prices. When you purchase a canoe from H2O Canoe Company, you’re buying a boat with consistency, longevity, and value. Your canoe is processed in a system that ensures it will perform to its utmost potential. For repeat customers, you can be sure to get the same canoe time after time and be confident that each canoe will come with the same reliability and predictable results.

Our canoes are constructed in what we call a system. By system we refer to the choice of specific materials and finishes that complement and reenforce the quality of one another.

Owned In: Ontario

Made In Tavistock, ON:

  • Heritage Series
  • Asymmetrical Touring
  • Solo Series
  • Cottage Classic
  • Marathon Racing Canoes
Rowing Boats:
  • Offshore Rowing
  • Float Water Training Sculls

H2O Canoe Company Availability:

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