Happy Heart is a proudly Canadian (Ottawa) company that was first developed in Europe, and then brought over to the Canadian market. It started out of a couple’s need for authentic, raw, aged, plant-based cheese with environmentally-responsible packaging. They were disappointed with the only vegan available options in the Canadian market, which were odd, non-raw cheese imitations that used nutritional yeast, miso, vegetable oil and other non-traditional cheese-making ingredients to try to mimic traditional cheese flavour, texture and appearance. Also, most were laden with wasteful plastic and/or non compostable packaging. They missed Chèvre, Camembert and Bleu the most, and they wished there were ‘real’ vegan versions of these. They also knew they did not stand alone with this wish!

They embarked on a mission to produce game-changing, authentic, aged, raw vegan cheese with few, wholesome and simple ingredients, without cutting corners, and using traditional French cheese-making methods and cultures. They wanted the end result to be much like traditional dairy aged cheese in taste, texture and appearance, but raw vegan. They also wanted truly environmentally-friendly packaging only. Research was done in Europe (across France, Italy and Spain) involving extensive experimentation, workshops and tasting gatherings. Europeans, who know their cheese very well, were extremely impressed with our products! Once the methods were finally mastered, Happy Heart was born and brought over to North America.

With veganism and enviromentalism on the rise more than ever (as well as dairy intolerance) it was time for Canadians to have quality vegan, environmentally-friendly cheese options. Today, our delighted customers cannot believe these delicious dairy-free raw cashew cheeses are actually possible!

Made In Canada:

  • Fresh Vegan Cheese Products
  • Aged Vegan Cheese Products


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