Harmonic Herbs is pleased to offer our Norseed brand of seeds. What started long ago as a hobby turned into our main focus, and a microSeedery was born. We produce and procure seed on a very small scale and share the best vegetables and exotic botanicals that we love to grow. And we select hard for regional adaptability to short season (Zone 3) conditions, such as we enjoy in Central Alberta.

2018 was a challenging year for us in terms of seed production, with the forest fire smoke in the air messing with the spectral frequencies of light needed for plant maturation, and some early snow in September. Hopefully not the new normal, but – on the upside – unexpected conditions do have a way of enhancing the selection process. We don’t know what Nature has in store for us this year, but we firmly believe that open pollinated regionally adapted seed will always yield the best results possible under any circumstances.

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