Hee Haw Horseradish is a truly premium products because we HAND PEEL all of our horseradish root before grinding and mixing it in small batches. No one else does! Getting rid of that nasty peel makes Hee-Haw Creamier, Hotter and definitely Less Bitter than any horseradish you’ve ever tried before. As we like to say…Treat your meat (& potatoes!) to the good stuff. You won’t be disappointed!

In the beginning…We started making Hee-Haw because we were fed up with the big horseradish brands that promised to be hot and great tasting but just weren’t. Every jar we tried was terrible – and full of Muck like unpeeled root and parsnips as the first ingredient! And this sentiment it turned out was shared by friends. And friends of friends. And beyond.

Once in a while we’d hit a good fresh-made one in a restaurant but overall the search to bring a Great Tasting + HOT horseradish home was fruitless. It was as though it didn’t exist. Not on any grocer’s shelf. Not in any butcher’s shop. And we were tired of putting junk on our expensive cuts of meat!

Owned In: British Columbia

Made In Victoria, BC:

  • Damn Hot
  • Double Damn Hot

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