High Country Berries is a small family operated berry orchard owned by Andy and Kate Camps near Caroline, Alberta. The saskatoons have been in full production for the past few years. We planned our orchard not for machine harvesting but for hand picking. The hedgerows of bush are separated by lawn and early each summer all the rows are gone through and hand weeded so that pickers can enjoy picking the fruit without having to deal with the weekds and grass etc. As the would in the wild.

We expanded our orchard to include raspberries as we were frequently asked for tem by u-pickers visiting our farm. In 2011 we planted a new variety of yellow raspberries called “Honeyqueens”. And in 2012 e planted a Wyoming black raspberry and a new variety of reds called Saskatchewan red mammoths. We were able to offer them for u-pick in 2014 and all varieties are accepted by the public with enthusiasm.

Owned In: Alberta

Grown In Caroline, AB:

  • Saskatoons
  • Raspberries
  • Haskaps
  • Fruit Syrups

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Last Updated December 16, 2023

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