At Inokuchi and Son Violin master violin maker Masa Inokuchi and his son Miki has been handcrafting violins in Toronto, Canada for 50 years. Instrument making has been a tradition in the Inokuchi family for the past three generations beginning with making of classical guitars in Japan by Masa Inokuchi and his Father-in-law, Motaro Iwashita.

Inokuchi instruments are carved not only for their thickness graduation but for their tone graduation as well. Top and bottom plates are tapped with a full set of tuning forks and carefully graduated according to the unique qualities and characteristics inherited in each piece of wood. This process produces the most ideal tonal balance and harmony of each and every instrument. It is Inokuchi’s belief that all of the Old Italian Masters had made their instruments this way. When no computers or even electricity was available to them to carry out a scientific approach to violin making. What seems like a very simple and common-sense technique is in fact, a feat only possible by the most talented and experienced makers.

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Last Updated November 25, 2023

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