Irene Rasetti – I am first generation Canadian, daughter of Italian immigrants. The ways of my Italian heritage run deep. I love Canada, but in my blood, I am always yearning for the old world, which is part of the reason I left home at a young age to attend Fashion Design school in Milan. I lived there for eight years, and they were formative ones. All the things I knew about myself up to then were completely challenged – like believing I didn’t like seafood or blue cheese only because it wasn’t something we ate at home. It turns out I love seafood and blue cheese… and as I’m sure you know, those are very small examples that lend nicely for a greater picture.

My hope is that the viewer, and wearer of my garments and textiles will feel a deep connection to our natural world, slow down, and find the beauty in their immediate surroundings, as I continue to document the impression of a leaf, the painterly silhouette of a flower, and explore the many gifts natural colour has to offer.

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