Island Winds uses only the best quality lumber, hardware, and steel to produce exquisite and durable windchimes. We use a galvanized stainless steel alloy, resistant to rust with high tonal quality. The length and diameter of the tubes determines the pitch and timbre of each note; the longer and wider the bell is, the lower the note. Each bell was tuned using a silver flute to find the perfect pitch.

This variety of tubing was carefully selected by the musician who first began tuning our chimes, so they would produce a pleasant musical scale that can be enjoyed day after day, year after year. The tubing is cut to a thousandth of an inch to give each bell a perfect pitch. After being cut, the tubing is drilled and then brought to the assembly table to be strung.

Owned In: Prince Edward Island

Made In South Granville, PEI:

  • Wind Chimes
  • Windcatchers

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Last Updated December 5, 2023

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