Juno Matresses – For over a century, the mattress industry maintained some of the highest price markups of any consumer products. The industry designed and sold mattresses that were confusing to understand, difficult to compare, and came with unnecessary pressure within uncomfortable sales environments. But ten years ago, things started to change.

As part of GoodMorning.com We’ve been selling mattresses online for nearly twice as long as many of our other online competitors. Formerly known as Novosbed Inc., our company has sold more than 225,000 mattresses across the United States and Canada over the last 10 years. And in this time, we’ve used detailed customer surveys and a decade of data to design a lineup of exceptionally well-made mattresses that continue to deliver unequalled comfort at the best possible prices.

Juno Matresses
Owned By: GoodMorning.com of Edmonton, AB

Made In Edmonton, AB:

Mattress Sizes
  • Twin Size
  • Twin XL
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King
  • Calking

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Last Updated November 23, 2023

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