King’s Court Estate Winery – Josef’s Canadian winemaking career began in 1976. First he joined one of Canada’s largest wineries, Jordan and Ste. Michelle Cellars in Victoria, British Columbia. Later he moved to Vancouver, BC, to oversee the west coast operations. During his time there, from 1977 to 1978, Josef introduced new grape growing and winemaking technology to the young Canadian grape growing industry. In 1980, Josef was relocated to the company’s home office in Ontario. In recognition of his hard work and expertise, Josef was appointed Director of Viticulture, Oenology, and Research for Canada.

After an acquisition of Jordan and Ste. Michelle Cellars by TG Brights Wines in 1986, Josef turned his hand to brewing beer under the name Sculler Brewery in St. Catharines. The brewery was sold to Connor’s Brewery in 1988. Following this sale, Josef returned to his roots in the grape industry by joining the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. During his tenure there he set out to help the Ontario grape and wine industry face the new challenges of the Free Trade agreement, and then globalization, by switching to nobler European varieties of grapes.

Five years later Josef and his wife Siglinde decided to start a winery. They began by purchasing an 11 acre farm in St. Catharines. He has never regretted the decision!

Owned In: Ontario

Made In St. Catharines, ON:

  • Red Wine
  • White Wine
  • Rose Wine
  • Fruit Wines
  • Ice Wine
  • Late Harvest Wine
  • Gift Cards

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Last Updated December 2, 2023

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