Papa D wears shorts in the winter and sunglasses in a cloud storm. He rides shotgun in a taxi and eats breakfast for dinner. Papa D’s life is spicy and unconventional. He’s just the demented genius we need to save us from our current wasteland of boring food.By bucking societal conventions and bravely asking “why not?”, Papa D concocts condiments that are destined to change the food game forever. Why can’t a hot sauce actually have flavour? Why not treat olive oil as a cherished ingredient? Why continue to segregate sweet and spicy? By using fresh local ingredients, his hand-crafted condiments are second to none.

To be clear, Papa D isn’t discovering fire or reinventing the wheel – this is much bigger than that. Papa D is firing the opening shots in the battle that will end the war on mediocre taste.

Made In Canada:

  • BBQ Sauce
  • Spice Rub
  • Hot Sauce
  • Seeds
  • Gift Cards


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