When we created LashLuxury Ltd. we were sick of our lacklustre lashes and we weren’t willing to get lash extensions. Who had the time or money for all those fills anyways? Not to mention, we’d seen a few scary situations where people in our networks had woken up after eyelash extensions looking like wasps had stung both their eyes. We’d tried falsies, raw castor oil and finally a selection of lash serums but our eyes kept getting irritated and we just weren’t seeing any results. It was time to take action.

It was easy to start with what we DID NOT want. Many lash serums on the market contained parabens, “fragrance” (a code name for over 3,000 toxic ingredients), and other ingredients that irritated our eyes. Some of the more prominent serums on the market contained Bimatoprost, a chemical in the Prostaglandin family, and a drug used to treat glaucoma. The ingredients in our lash serum were going to have to be ultra high quality and either rejuvenate, hydrate or fortify our eyelashes.

We’re big believers in the Clean Beauty Movement. That means we’ll never use unnecessary filler ingredients or toxins in our products. Our eyelash serum is for you to enhance the look of your eyelashes in a safe, non-irritating but BOLD way. We’re excited for you to join our family and begin growing your longest and fullest looking lashes ever.

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