We are Doug & Carolyn Lilleyman both from Scarborough originally and have changed careers a few times. With the creation of Laslyn Alpaca we have added another line to our resume.

Some of you may know that we got our start in the fibre world quite by chance, we had no intention of becoming alpaca farmers. We owned Cedars Cottage Resort and when the farm beside the resort came up for sale we purchased it to expand the resort. We purchased two alpacas to reside in the barn and entertain our guests, then we purchased four more alpacas. Then before we knew it we put the resort up for sale and decided to become alpaca farmers. A huge jump for a couple raised in Scarborough.

We had been raising alpacas for 9 years and felt it was time to take more control over our finished products. Carolyn went to Kentucky for a workshop at FeltLOOM and within a day knew that was the new direction for us. We were so excited and anxious to get started Carolyn drove back down to Kentucky a few weeks later to pick up our 72” FeltLOOM, it is the largest loom that the company makes and this was only third one they had produced. The FeltLOOM will allow us to wholesale products as well.

We are now producing fine alpaca felted shawls, scarves and area rugs. As time goes on we will be expanding our product line to include hats, mitts, ponchos and more. The fibre is from our own alpacas, we prepare the fibre to be sent to the mills where it is made into batts. The finished batts are returned to us to be made into felted fabric. All work is done by us here on our ranch. We will also be creating some exciting items by up-cycling fabric and adding alpaca felt to it.

Owned By: Doug & Carolyn Lilleyman of Ontario


Last Verified July 29, 2021

Made In Markdale ON:

  • Duvets
  • Rugs
  • Dryer Balls
  • Scarves
  • Shawls
  • Socks
  • Insoles


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